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Chain saw artist creates cross in cemetery

Chainsaw Artist John Zibell

Chain saw artist John Zibell, Holton, put the finishing touches on a cross he created in the Valley Falls Cemetery one day last week.

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In the Halloween spirit

Sophie Laney

Six-year-old Sophie Laney has been preparing for Halloween for some time.

October 24th, 2013 | Posted in The Vindicator | Read More »

Under a spreading chestnut-tree the village smithy stands;

Keith Jackson explains the operation of the blacksmith shop to students on tour at Cottonwood Station Friday. Photos by Clarke Davis

Keith Jackson is in charge of the village blacksmith shop at Cottonwood Station named in memory of his son, Clark.
During festivals and shows Norm Davis, Topeka, usually does the blacksmithing while Jackson gives tours of the rest of the shop.

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Author describes trading city life for the farm

Author June Hilbert

June Hilbert was a city girl with no farm background. But she was wooed by a farmer and has spent almost 30 years chasing after cows that were on the wrong side of the fence or having trouble birthing a calf.

September 26th, 2013 | Posted in Featured,The Vindicator | Read More »

Hopes the city will listen: A library with a vision

Delaware Township Library

The Delaware Township Library Board members would like the city officials to see their vision of making the library the cultural center of the community and help them create it.

“We really had our hopes up when we first approached the city, knowing they were moving to new quarters,” librarian Amy Lassiter said.

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Bricks for the historical church

Betty Jane Wilson

Betty Jane Wilson holds up a brick she intends to purchase as a fundraiser for the Historical Shrine Church project in Valley Falls.

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Discovery of old chemicals brings bomb squad to school

Photo by Clarke Davis Members of the Topeka Police Department's bomb squad arrive at Valley Falls High School to check out some old chemicals found in the science room. Valley Falls Police Chief Josh Pence is on the right.

Whether or not old chemical compounds found in a high school science room at Valley Falls were dangerous last week, everyone involved decided to err on the side of caution.

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New location: Second doctor joins chiropractic clinic

Photo by Holly Davis Dr. Ali Currie, secretary Brandi Bird, and newest doctor, Christina Cantrell, sit in the newly remodeled Meriden Chiropractic Clinic at its new location between Countryside Square and the Meriden Animal Hospital. What was once a home, is now furnished into a chiropractic office, a remodel that took place almost a year ago. The chemistry between the three-person staff makes for a caring and friendly facility.

The three-person staff at the Meriden Chiropractic office can be described as three peas in a pod. The close-knit connection between the women is evident and makes for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for patients.

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Pickerell strives to be Kansas Rubik’s Cube champion

Photos by Holly Davis Nathan Pickerell, 13, Valley Falls, has mastered the Rubik’s Cube with a record of solving one in 13 seconds. People often joke with him saying that it took them 13 years to finally solve it— even if it was by taking the stickers off.

Nathan Pickerell, 13, Valley Falls, is a go-getter when it comes to solving things. Especially when the task at hand is a color-coded cubicle game— the Rubik’s Cube.

After attending competitions in Minnesota, Illinois, and most recently the World Cube Championship in Las Vegas, it’s hard to believe he just started learning the cube in November.

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WWII veteran takes flight after 70 years

Ted Montgomery, 92, gets ready to go up in a Fairchild PT-19. The last time he occupied that seat was 70 years ago. Complimentary photos

World War II veteran Ted Montgomery, Valley Falls, relived some memories when the Warbirds & Legends came to Topeka Aug. 3.

Montgomery’s son, Roger, made arrangements for him to get a ride in a vintage aircraft, the Fairchild PT-19, in which he trained in Texas prior to going overseas.

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