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Mar Cuadron Spanish Teacher

Spanish teacher Mar Cuadron


by Clarke Davis
Friday night football and respectful students are making Mar Cuadron’s introduction to America an enjoyable one.
She is the new Spanish teacher from Torrent, Spain, here to serve Jefferson County North and Valley Falls schools on a teacher exchange program.
Sharing her time between the two schools, Mar has come to love the community and wants her stay to be extended.
The teacher was welcomed and given a home by Mary Jane Burns, a retired teacher in the Valley Falls community, and has now been joined by her husband, Alex, who left his job as a policeman in Spain. He is taking English lessons at Washburn Tech.
It’s the students who are making the real difference in Mar’s new home. She is quick to call them respectful  and hardworking.
“In Spain students not so much,” she said, indicating that she has to beg them to do their assignments.
The impact of sports on daily life and school has been a big change for Mar. When first asked if she was going to the game Friday night, she was confused and unfamiliar with the custom.
“Everyone goes home at 5 o’clock,” she said.
“We have soccer, volleyball, and basketball in Spain, but not in school. People participate for health and enjoyment if they wish,” she said.
She noted that the athletic establishment was not tied to college scholarships and that there are no overpowering national sports like those played in the Untied States.
Does she miss her home? Well, yes, her family. She has a brother and sister and a large extended family with nine aunts and uncles in her father’s family giving her many nieces and nephews. Plans for a large contingent to come to America for Christmas have been curtailed since a sister-in-law is pregnant.
“I believe my parents will visit here,” she said. The family, like most in Spain, is Catholic.
She does not follow the news in America very closely. She doesn’t have to. Her mother calls to give her all the news that happened in Spain and a friend calls to tell her what happened in the United States.
“Did you hear about the fire in Kansas City?” her friend asked over the phone recently.
Politics in America is somewhat simpler.
“You have two parties? Left and right don’t you?” she asks. “In Spain there are at least 15 parties.”
And they have a king, who lacks any kind of power.
“We don’t know what he does, but we are told he is very important,” she said.
As for the food, she finds the Mexican plates too spicy, but if you want to get on her good side, she loves cookies.
In Spain, Mar teaches Spanish to a multi-cultural community of students from small beginners all the way to high school.
“They come from many counties,” she said.
Her daily routine here is teaching Spanish to a dozen Valley Falls High School students in the morning and then heading for Winchester to teach a Jefferson County North class of 19.
At Valley Falls, on alternating days, she introduces Spanish to the children in seventh and eighth grades.
Torrent, pop. 80,000, is part of the large metropolitan area of Valencia,  a port city on the Mediterranean Sea.
Under the exchange program, she can remain in America for up to three years. The warm welcome she has received has her thinking long term.

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