Perfect score for District 11 Ambulance receives Outstanding Inspection Certificate

John Shipley

Photo by Clarke Davis
District 11 Ambulance Director John Shipley


by Clarke Davis

The certificate cites the ambulance service for achieving 100 percent compliance with all local, state, and federal  laws that pertain to the operation of an ambulance service.
“The service was in total compliance with all Kansas administrative  regulations and statutes,” reports James Reed, EMS Specialist with the Kansas Board.
The following areas are reviewed during the  inspection: operational  policies and medical protocols, ambulances  and equipment, equipment list, garaging, attendants’ certification cards,  daily record of ambulance responses, and the service quality  improvement program.
“Few services receive this distinction and should be a direct reflection  of the pride and professionalism of the local service and their governing  body, including the service medical director,” Reed said.  “The recognition is an annual achievement and is a coveted recognition.”
Less than 10 percent of the 172 ambulance services in the state will receive this  distinction.
“This is the first time we’ve received this certificate,” said John Shipley, District 11 EMS director. “The members are proud of it.”
The certificate came with a plaque and a decal for the ambulances.
“We have a great crew and morale has never been better,” Shipley said.
The EMS unit has 11 members with two more enrolled in EMT classes and two or three more who have expressed interest in attending classes after the first of the year.
“If we can get 10 to enroll from this general area we can hold the classes here,” Shipley said.
Shipley said they are always looking for folks who want to serve the community and he can be contacted through email at vffire11@gmail.com.
The crew operates two ambulances and consists of two paramedics, three advanced (A)EMTs, and seven EMTs. He noted that EMTs have been upgraded considerably and the advanced are close to being paramedics.
Shipley is a paramedic employed by Pottawatomie County emergency services. He spends a 48-hour shift with that department and is then back in Valley Falls for the remainder of the week. He has been a member of the District 11 ambulance crew since 1991 and director since July 2014.
He announced two public events coming up. The EMS unit will hold an open house during Fire Prevention Week in October and will treat the children during Trunk or Treat at Halloween.
District 11 had 200 emergency calls last year and had made 155 runs within the district as of Sept. 17 this year. Once operated solely off donations, the service is funded almost entirely by insurance money now.
When one calls 911 for an emergency, both District 11 and Jefferson County ambulances are dispatched.
“If we don’t need their help, we call them off. We handle at least 90 percent of the calls in the district,” Shipley said.
He noted there was a good working relationship between the two emergency services.
The District 11 ambulance crew consists of paramedics Shipley and Jayson Oliver; AEMTs John Franco, John Gordon, and Jeanette Shipley; EMTs Debbie Schrick, Rusty Sloniger, Greg Nellis, JoAnn Westbrook, Ashley Westbrook, and Jason Nellis; and EMT students Megan Royer and Blake Shipley. The medical director is Dr. James Rider.
“The people on the District 11 roster are all here to serve the community. . . They want to provide top-notch service and we have every advanced piece of equipment needed to do the job,” Shipley said. “The award . . . well that’s just icing on the cake.”

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