JCN teams 1st in home meet


JCN home meet

Photo by Amanda Wistuba
Charger sophomore Joel Abel clears 5’10” on the new high jump pit at the JCN Invitational track meet. Abel was eliminated at 6′ and placed second in the event.


Both the Jefferson County North High School boys’ and girls’ track teams tallied the most points at the invitational meet they played host to April 30.
The six teams scored as follows: boys, JCN, 191, Oskaloosa, 131, Valley Falls, 73, Doniphan West, 69, Burlingame, 58, and Immaculata, 0.
Girls, JCN, 206, Doniphan West, 85, Valley Falls, 77, Oskaloosa, 65, Immaculata, 34, and Burlingame, 17.
Following are the first three individual placings in order in each event:
100m dash, Carson Lackey, 11.850, DW; Austin Wolfe, 12.170, JCN; Robert Hutchins, 12.310, BU.
110m hurdles, Kody Collins, 16.740, DW; Dillion Grother, 17.140, OS; Brandon Caudle, 18.500, DW.
1600m run, Justin Myers, 5:7.600, VF; Jordan Butler, 5:13.740, OS; Braeden Pfau, 5:14.150, OS.
200m dash, Tommy Molder, 23.430, OS; Austin Wolfe, 24.510, JCN; Carson Lackey, 24.660, DW.
300m hurdles, Dillion Grother, 42.600, OS; Robert Hutchins, 43.790, BU; Kody Collins, 45.780, DW.
3200m run, Jordan Butler, 11:37.950, OS; Braeden Pfau, 11:46.660, OS; Anthony Cahill, 11:58.850, JCN.
400m run, Cole Bryant, 53.920, JCN; Avery Noll, 54.180, JCN; Jason Myers, 55.190, VF.
4x100m relay, Oskaloosa, 44.930; Burlingame, 46.890; Doniphan West, 47.070.
4x400m relay, Jefferson Co. North, 3:42.490; Burlingame, 3:44.370; Oskaloosa, 3:47.100.
4x800m relay, Valley Falls, 9:0.970; Jefferson Co. North, 9:24.700.
800m run, Brayden Summers, 2:9.890, JCN; Trey Wilson, 2:10.320, VF; Justin Myers, 2:12.110, VF.
Discus, Dallas Brown, 124’2″, VF; Ben Harvey, 113’6″, OS; Reid Bunde, 109′, VF.
High jump, Kyle Hopkins, 5’10”, OS; Joel Abel, 5’10”, JCN; Anthony Cahill, 5′, JCN.
Javelin, Ben Harvey, 140’3″, OS; Jacob Schrick, 129’8″, JCN; Justin Cross, 122’10”, OS.
Long jump, Dakota Hutchinson, 16’9″, JCN; Cole Bryant, 16’8.5″, JCN; Jonathon Clark, 16′, DW.
Pole vault, Ridge Robertson, 10′, JCN; Ted Sharp, 8’6″, JCN.
Shot put, Joe Lewis, 42’2″, BU; Reid Bunde, 42’1.750″, VF; Brandon Caudle, 39’8.5″, DW.
Triple jump, Dillion Grother, 42’0.750″, OS; Kyle Hopkins, 40’2.5″, OS; Joel Abel, 38’6.250″, JCN.
100m dash, Kenzie Blevins, 13.390, DW; Emily Nottingham, 13.790, VF; Kenzi Bryant, 14.060, JCN.
100m hurdles, Sarah O’Neil, 17.300, IM; Jentri Fowler, 18.910, JCN; Elaina Tweed, 20.560, JCN.
1600m run, Carissa McAfee, 6:1.950, JCN; Kenzie Boos, 6:41.310, DW; Kayla Hutzell, 7:12.880, JCN.
200m dash, Emily Nottingham, 27.990, VF; C.J. Kilgo, 28.270, OS; Kalynn Sample, 29.100, VF.
300m hurdles, C.J. Kilgo, 52.230, OS; Jentri Fowler, 52.930, JCN; Sarah O’Neil, 54.300, IM.
3200m run, Allie Hofelt, 14:24.370, JCN; Kenzie Boos, 15:21.120, DW; Joey Sebek, 17:36.960, VF.
400m run, Kalynn Sample, 1:5.970, VF; Carlee Noll, 1:7.140, JCN; Calli Caudle, 1:9.360, DW.
4x100m relay, Jefferson Co. North, 53:35; Valley Falls, 54:2.
4x400m relay, Jefferson Co. North, 4:36.990.
4x800m relay, Jefferson Co. North, 10:55.840; Valley Falls, 11:52.630.
800m run, Julie Schrick, 2:42.440, JCN; Kayela Ullmer, 2:55.090, BU; Mallory Jepson, 2:58.410, VF.
Discus, Madison Miller, 93’2″, OS; Grace Kramer, 93’2″, JCN; Jaden Courter, 91’11”, OS.
High jump, Jordan Sachse, 4’10”, IM; Tamara Drinkard, 4’10”, VF; Calli Caudle, 4’10”, DW.
Javelin, Allyssa Clark, 115’5″, DW; Ravyn Jobbins, 104’11”, JCN; Ella Weishaar, 99’8″, JCN.
Long jump, Kenzie Blevins, 15’1″, DW; C.J. Kilgo, 14’3.5″, OS; Annabelle Vaught, 14’2″, JCN.
Pole vault, Kaylee Page, 8’9″, JCN; Lyndsey Vittitow, 7’6″, JCN; Sammi Hughes, 7′, JCN;
Shot put, Gabbie George, 34’7.5″, JCN; Jaden Courter, 32’1.250″, OS; Grace Kramer, 31’1.750″, JCN.
Triple jump, Kenzie Blevins, 34’1.5″, DW; Jordan Sachse, 31’7.750, IM; Shayna Wilson, 31’4.250″, DW.

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