Chargers sweep league track meet in Winchester

Jacob Schrick-Javelin

Jacob Schrick, JCN freshman, prepares to throw his final javelin attempt. Schrick qualified for finals and finished third with a throw of 138 feet 7 inches.


Maddy Miller-Discuss

Maddy Miller, Oskaloosa junior, makes her final discus throw in the NEK league track meet held Thursday at Jefferson County North High School. Miller’s throw was 99 feet 7 inches and garnered her a first place medal.


Remington Courter-Long jump

Photos by Bridget Weishaar
McLouth Bulldog Remington Courter shows his form in the long jump pit. Courter placed first with a jump of 19 feet.


Competing at home on their new track, the Chargers of Jefferson County North High School finished first in both the boys’ and girls’ divisions at the Northeast Kansas League track meet May 14 in Winchester.
The JCN boys’ track team was the only one of the nine squads in the division to surpass the 100-point total, racking up 111 points on the day. With 94 points, Pleasant Ridge came in second, just edging out Jackson Heights, which tallied 93.
Fourth place went to Oskaloosa with 62 points, fifth to Maur Hill-Mount, which had 59, sixth to McLouth, which had 51, seventh to Horton, which had 42, and eighth to Valley Falls, which had 32. Immaculata brought up the rear with 3 points.
For their efforts in the 18 track and field events that comprised the annual meet, the Charger girls amassed 123 points to outdistance MH, which finished with 102. With 85 points, PR took third.
JH tallied 70 points to nail down fourth place. OS grabbed fifth place with 53 points, VF sixth with 41, MC seventh with 27, and IM eighth with 24. HO was last with 22 points.
The complete results for the meet are as follows:
100-meter dash: 1st, Matt Smith, PR, 11.38 seconds; 2nd, Josh Caudle, MH, 11.39; 3rd, Peter Rupnicki, JH, 11.44; 4th, Brandon Broddle, PR, 11.6; 5th, Kyle Hopkins, OS, 11.72; 6th, Aldo Torres, IM, 11.81.
110-meter hurdles: 1st, Dillion Grother, OS, 16.93 seconds; 2nd, Jack Arnett, MC, 16.94; 3rd, Noah Tattershall, PR, 18.47; 4th, Arthur Rocha, MH, 18.55; 5th, Paul Kuglin, MC, 19.0; 6th, Logan Wells, JH, 19.77.
1600-meter run: 1st, Brayden Summers, JCN, 4 minutes, 52.08 seconds; 2nd, Luke Oatney, PR, 4:52.43; 3rd, Jack Siebert, MH, 4:56; 4th, Tristan Funk, MC, 5:0.0; 5th, Jordan Butler, OS, 5:15.0; 6th, Justin Myers, VF, 5:18.0.
200-meter dash: 1st, Tommy Molder, OS, 22.99 seconds; 2nd, Josh Caudle, MH, 23.8; 3rd, Jose Soto, MH, 23.9; 4th, Peter Rupnicki, JH, 24.12; 5th, Jason Parker, JH, 24.41; 6th, Austin Wolfe, JCN, 24.44.
300-meter hurdles: 1st, Jack Arnett, MC, 42.63 seconds; 2nd, Dillion Grother, OS, 43.69; 3rd, Noah Tattershall, PR, 45.49; 4th, Arthur Rocha, MH, 46.95; 5th, Logan Wells, JH, 48.02; 6th, Braden Hollinger, PR, 48.19.
3200-meter run: 1st, Jack Siebert, MH, 10 minutes, 56 seconds; 2nd, Anthony Cahill, JCN, 11:18; 3rd, Tristan Funk, MC, 11:22; 4th, Devon Wilson, JCN, 11:27; 5th, Jordan Butler, OS, 11:28; 6th, Braeden Pfau, OS, 11:37.
400-meter run: 1st, Cole Bryant, JCN, 53.14 seconds; 2nd, Mason Hamilton, JH, 53.78; 3rd, Avery Noll, JCN, 54.42; 4th, Westin Jacobsen, JH, 54.6; 5th, Aldo Torres, IM, 55.24; 6th, Brandon Sowers, MH, 55.89.
4 x 100-meter relay: 1st, PR, 44.94 seconds; 2nd, OS, 45.51; 3rd, JH, 46.36; 4th, MC, 46.72; 5th, MH, 47.04; 6th, JCN, 47.44.
4 x 400-meter relay: 1st, JH, 3 minutes, 35 seconds; 2nd, JCN, 3:40; 3rd, OS, 3:41; 4th, MH, 3:46; 5th, PR, 3:47; 6th, VF, 3:48.
4 x 800-meter relay: 1st, JH, 8 minutes, 59.94 seconds; 2nd, VF, 9:6.76; 3rd, MH, 9:12.7; 4th, PR, 9:19.07; 5th, JCN, 9:39.3.
800-meter run: 1st, Seth Holliday, JH, 2 minutes, 7 seconds; 2nd, Gabe Younger, PR, 2:10.25; 3rd, Trey Wilson, VF, 2:10.46; 4th, Brayden Summers, JCN, 2:16; 5th, Justin Myers, VF, 2:19.43; 6th, Dalton Chartier, JH, 2:19.61.
Discus: 1st, Trey Dishon, HHS, 144’5″; 2nd, Dallas Brown, VF, 126’3″; 3rd, Reid Bunde, VF, 123’11”; 4th, Ben Harvey, OS, 121’8″; 5th, Mason Thomas, JH, 110′; 6th, Jake Copeland, MC, 103’5″.
High jump: 1st, Joel Abel, JCN, 5’6″; 2nd, Jason Parker, JH, 5’4″; 3rd, Braden Dohl, JH, 5’4″; 4th, Duncan Currie, PR, 4’10”.
Javelin: 1st, Derrick Stone, HHS, 145’10”; 2nd, Colton Doty, PR, 143’11”; 3rd, Jacob Schrick, JCN, 138’7″; 4th, Braden Schneider, JCN, 132’1″; 5th, Jagar Haack, PR, 130’10”; 6th, Tommy Molder, OS, 123’10”.
Long jump: 1st, Remington Courter, MC, 19′; 2nd, Dakota Hutchinson, JCN, 18’10”; 3rd, Matt Smith, PR, 18’7″; 4th, Cole Bryant, JCN, 18’5.25″; 5th, Corbin Meyers, PR, 18’1″; 6th, Korby Strube, JH, 17’11.5″.
Pole vault: 1st, Ridge Robertson, JCN, 10’6″; 2nd, Ted Sharp, JCN, 9’6″; 3rd, Eric Collins, JCN, 7’6″.
Shot put: 1st, Trey Dishon, HHS, 50’1″; 2nd, Brandon Lewis, HHS, 42’1.75″; 3rd, Adam Perkins, MC, 41’5.5″; 4th, Jagar Haack, PR, 41’4.5″; 5th, Wyatt Roles, JH, 40’6″; 6th, Colton Doty, PR, 40’1″.
Triple jump: 1st, Wyatt Olberding, JH, 41’7.5″; 2nd, Matt Smith, PR, 41’5.5″; 3rd, Dillion Grother, OS, 41’5.25″; 4th, Derrick Stone, HHS, 40’9.75″; 5th, Kyle Hopkins, OS, 40’6.25″; 6th, Joel Abel, JCN, 39’9.25″.
100-meter dash: 1st, Grace McKinney, PR, 12.67 seconds; 2nd, Emily Nottingham, VF, 13.08; 3rd, Megan Goracke, MH, 13.18; 4th, Anna Moore, MC, 13.39; 5th, Mallory Wagner, PR, 13.41; 6th, Kalynn Sample, VF, 13.71.
100-meter hurdles: 1st, Anna Moore, MC, 15.69 seconds; 2nd, Kassie Johnson, MH, 16.69; 3rd, Sarah O’Neil, IM, 17.07; 4th, Jentri Fowler, JCN, 17.64; 5th, Carlee Calhoon, MH, 18.59; 6th, Jenna Johnston, MC, 18.64.
1600-meter run: 1st, Kaitlynn Little, JH, 5 minutes, 49 seconds; 2nd, Carissa McAfee, JCN, 6:4; 3rd, Heather Ronnebaum, MH, 6:13; 4th, Hannah Davault, JH, 6:23; 5th, Ceara Funk, MC, 6:33; 6th, Taylor Satre, PR, 6:50.
200-meter dash: 1st, Grace McKinney, PR, 26.56 seconds; 2nd, Emily Nottingham, VF, 27.64; 3rd, C.J. Kilgo, OS, 28.12; 4th, Megan Goracke, MH, 28.25; 5th, Meghan Jackson, MC, 29.07; 6th, Brittni Pryor, OS, 29.28.
300-meter hurdles: 1st, C.J. Kilgo, OS, 51.05 seconds; 2nd, Sarah O’Neil, IM, 52.07; 3rd, Jentri Fowler, JCN, 52.11; 4th, Bree Williams, JH, 55.91; 5th, Kate Lierz, JH, 56.38; 6th, Jenna Johnston, MC, 57.04.
3200-meter run: 1st, Carissa McAfee, JCN, 12 minutes, 56 seconds; 2nd, Kristina Silvers, PR, 13:18; 3rd, Kaitlynn Little, JH, 13:46; 4th, Hannah Davault, JH, 13:55; 5th, Ceara Funk, MC, 14:9; 6th, Allie Hofelt, JCN, 14:33.
400-meter run: 1st, Avery Lewman, MH, 1 minute, 1 second; 2nd, Grace Siebert, MH, 1:2; 3rd, Kalynn Sample, VF, 1:4; 4th, Annabelle Vaught, JCN, 1:5.09; 5th, Meghan Jackson, MC, 1:5.65; 6th, Lexi Proffitt, JH, 1:9.07.
4 x 100-meter relay: 1st, PR, 52.96 seconds; 2nd, JCN, 53.82; 3rd, MH, 53.83; 4th, VF, 54.22; 5th, OS, 55.05; 6th, MC, 57.47.
4 x 400-meter Relay: 1st, MH, 4 minutes, 20 seconds; 2nd, JCN, 4:32; 3rd, PR, 4:39; 4th, JH, 4:44.
4 x 800-meter relay: 1st, MH, 10 minutes, 38 seconds; 2nd, JCN, 11:9; 3rd, JH, 11:25; 4th, VF, 11:49; 5th, PR, 12:32.
800-meter run: 1st, Kaitlynn Little, JH, 2 minutes, 32 seconds; 2nd, Grace Siebert, MH, 2:33; 3rd, Avery Lewman, MH, 2:35; 4th, Heather Ronnebaum, MH, 2:38; 5th, Julie Schrick, JCN, 2:39; 6th, Aidan Allen, JH, 2:43.
Discus: 1st, Madison Miller, OS, 99’7″; 2nd, Grace Kramer, JCN, 92’7.5”; 3rd, Jaden Courter, OS, 87′; 4th, Kedra Kahbeah-Green, HHS, 78’8.5″; 5th, Justina Williams, MC, 75’5.5″; 6th, Kizzie Conklin, HHS, 73’11.5″.
High jump: 1st, Tamara Drinkard, VF, 4’10”; 2nd, Abby Williams, JH, 4’8″; 3rd, Jordan Sachse, IM, 4’6″; 4th, Brittni Pryor, OS, 4’6″; 5th, Ashlie Jordan, HHS, 4’2″; 6th, Mallory Wagner, PR, 4’2″.
Javelin: 1st, Ravyn Jobbins, JCN, 103’6″; 2nd, Susan Redieck, PR, 99’11”; 3rd, Ella Weishaar, JCN, 97’6″; 4th, Mary Colwell, MH, 96’1″; 5th, Grace Kramer, JCN, 91’5″; 6th, Taylor Satre, PR, 90’7″.
Long jump: 1st, C.J. Kilgo, OS, 15’1″; 2nd, Katie McAfee, HHS, 14’8.5″; 3rd, Skylar Ling, PR, 14’8″; 4th, Bridget Howard, PR, 14’6.5″; 5th, Abby Williams, JH, 14’6″; 6th, Peyton Minor, JCN, 14’1″.
Pole vault: 1st, Kaylee Page, JCN, 8’6″; 2nd, Lyndsey Vittitow, JCN, 8′; 3rd, Sammi Hughes, JCN, 6’6″.
Shot put: 1st, Gabbi George, JCN, 33’10.5″; 2nd, Daspin Bruning, HHS, 33’3″; 3rd, Becca Gibson, JH, 31’10.5″; 4th, Jaden Courter, OS, 31’4″; 5th, Olivia Mangue, MH, 29’1″; 6th, Grace Kramer, JCN, 28’0.5″.
Triple jump: 1st, Bridget Howard, PR, 31’6″; 2nd, Kassie Johnson, MH, 31’4″; 3rd, Bailey Swinford, PR, 30’11.5″; 4th, Jordan Sachse, IM, 30’10.5″; 5th, Carlee Noll, JCN, 30’9.5″; 6th, Kate Lierz, JH, 29’10.5″.

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