Judge opens way to restore Neuhaus’s license

Nortonville doctor can receive new hearing, appeals

by Rick Nichols

Stripped of her limited license in 2012 for having referred young patients for late-term abortions nine years earlier, Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus of rural Nortonville is one step closer to regaining the full license she once had before her association with the late Dr. George Tiller had adverse consequences professionally.

In a ruling made public early last week, Shawnee County District Judge Franklin Theis concluded that the Kansas Board of Healing Arts had failed to show that Neuhaus’s mental health examinations of 11 patients ranging in age from 10 to 18 were inadequate. He ordered the board to reconsider its revocation of her license, a decision it can appeal to the state Court of Appeals if it chooses not to take another look at her case.

“We are very happy about the outcome,” Bob Eye, an attorney for Neuhaus, told The Associated Press in reacting to the judge’s action.

In 2003 it was to Neuhaus that Tiller turned seeking the second opinions he needed under state law to legally end the pregnancies of the girls. But a hearing officer later concluded that she had not met accepted standards of medical care because her records did not indicate that her examinations had been thorough. She subsequently argued that the care she had rendered was sufficient and defended her records by explaining that she purposely limited the amount of information she put in them to protect the privacy of her patients in light of the state’s ongoing investigations of Tiller and other abortion providers. Nevertheless, the board backed the hearing officer’s decision and revoked Neuhaus’s license to provide charity care.

While Theis acknowledged in his ruling that Neuhaus had not properly maintained her records, he took issue with the hearing officer’s determination that she must have provided inadequate care to her patients if her records were insufficient.

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