Christy takes to the streets, Internet his case to be sheriff

by Dennis Sharkey

Former Jefferson County Commissioner David Christy says there are big problems within the Sheriff’s department and he has the fix.

Christy is running for Jefferson County Sheriff as a Republican against incumbent Jeff Herrig who is also a Republican.

The city of Nortonville got a visit from Christy last week where he distributed campaign literature. The newspaper has obtained a copy of the literature.

Former Jefferson County Commissioner David Christy says there are big problems within the Sheriff’s department and he has the fix.

Former Jefferson County Commissioner David Christy says there are big problems within the Sheriff’s department and he has the fix.

In the papers Christy gives nearly 30 bullet points about problems he sees with the current administration and how he would fix the problem.

The first point he makes is that he will “Eliminate the good ole boy system.”

“They’re just one big family,” Christy said. “That was a big issue with people who came to me.”

He said nepotism in the department has caused problems and doesn’t lead to good law enforcement.

Christy had contemplated a run again at the Second District Commission seat he lost to former Sheriff Roy Dunnaway in 2008. Christy said he changed his mind after several citizens asked him to run for sheriff.

Many of the bullet points talk about establishing procedures and process for different functions of the department.

One big issue with Christy is public access to the department evidence room. He said one patron brought him pictures of officers gathering in the room to smoke cigars and meet. He said he has walked into the evidence room unstopped.

“It shouldn’t be done by anyone at anytime,” Christy said.

Christy takes issues with things as small as dress code to issues with officers refusing to respond to calls. He said several patrons have come to him with complaints of officers telling them to go recover their own stolen property when they have alerted officers.

“They were uninterested and told them to recover it,” Christy said.

He also makes accusations that several computers throughout the county are and have been used to view pornography. When he was commissioner Christy said they discovered that 60 percent of the pornography being viewed was being done so at the Sheriff’s Department.

Christy said some officers in the department are not happy about his candidacy and that some officers have threatened him. He would not reveal who threatened him.

“They don’t want me in there because they don’t want me to find whatever it is they don’t want me to find,” Christy said. “That’s what it boils down to.”

Christy deflected any criticism that he is running a negative campaign. He said the actions by current deputies are the reason why the campaign could get ugly.

“It has the potential to be the most negative campaign the county has ever seen,” Christy said. “I’m doing everything in my power to prevent that from happening.”

Christy has also debated with anonymous posters on the Lawrence Journal-World’s Web site.

On June 7 the LJW ran a short story about Christy’s candidacy for Sheriff. Some online posters made negative comments about Christy and attempted to connect him to convicted embezzler Scott Becker.

Christy, who confirmed for the paper that he was the person claiming to be himself on the LJW Web site, said he felt the need to defend himself and accused the posters of being Sheriff’s Department deputies. Christy said he knows because some of the information came from personal conversations he has had with deputies in the past.

Christy didn’t condone Becker’s actions, but did accuse the Federal Prosecutor’s office in Topeka of choosing to prosecute Becker because of “personal vendettas.”

Christy also said that the only real victims were Becker’s family and that no money was stolen from the public. He said the FDIC choose not to pursue the case against Becker and the Federal Prosecutor’s office in Wichita had already declined to prosecute the case. He also accused the Federal Government of illegally tying up all of Becker’s wife’s, Brenda Schmitt Becker, cash and assets so that she could not hire an attorney.

Christy said he is now taking his case to residents’ doors. He said only one door has been shut on him so far.

“I hope people take advantage to make a change,” he said. “Any vote for (Herrig) is just an endorsement for what’s being done.

“I’m running because they want a second option,” he said. “Now is the time.”

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