Presidential candidate makes stop in Oskaloosa

Story and photo by Dennis Sharkey

There was no secret service or a motorcade followed by a swarm of media following Republican Presidential Candidate John Davis Jr. as his bus rolled into the Oskaloosa square.

The John Davis Jr. Presidential campaign bus made a stop in Oskaloosa.

The John Davis Jr. Presidential campaign bus made a stop in Oskaloosa.

Davis, from Grand Junction, Colo., has already visited more than 1,600 counties across America and stopped through Jefferson County on the way back home for a holiday break.

“Unless you have celebrity status you don’t get into the debates and you don’t get on national TV,” Davis said while standing outside his bus that was parked on K-92 Highway in front of the courthouse.

Davis is self-described as a man who loves God and makes a point of saying that his beliefs are what led him to run for President.

He has been married for more than 30 years and has six children. His biography says that he has been self-employed for most of his life and has been in business since 1979. He believes business experience is what is needed in the White House.

Davis said he has a few volunteers and is mainly financing his own campaign. He isn’t worried about the costs or the time it will take away from his personal life.

“When God asks you to do something like serving your country, he will provide,” Davis said.

Davis admits that his approach to running for President is unconventional and that big money plays a key role. However, not having the big money as a prop allows him to make decisions without consulting big donors first.

“Unless you want to owe a lot of people a lot of favors,” he said about campaigning.

Davis said he wants to run as a Republican even though he doesn’t necessarily agree with all party lines. Even though it’s unlikely he will be the Republican nominee he won’t leave the party that most aligns with his beliefs.

Like many Republicans Davis is unsettled with the current crop of front-runners for the Republican nomination.

“They’re good people and they have some great experience,” Davis said. “But if you listen to the people they don’t want a career politician.”

Davis admits that changing the American electorate’s approach to politics is an uphill battle but a battle that can eventually be won.

“It’s all going to cost us money and effort,” Davis said about changing the climate of Washington and kicking out the career politicians. “Once people get hit in the pocketbook, they’ll tend to take a little bit better notice.”

Davis said when he speaks with people they tell him they are tired of bailing out big banks and having government tell small business owners how to operate.

He pointed to a figure that said more than 1,000 small banks have failed in the last couple of years while big banks continue to flourish.

“I give people a choice,” Davis said. “The people need a good leader.”

Davis spends about 20 minutes at each stop and plans to visit every county in the country. After his stop in Oskaloosa the campaign headed for Holton.

So far the campaign has visited about half the counties in Kansas and will return to the state in the spring to visit the rest.




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