Club owner says suit against Meriden coming

by Dennis Sharkey

The message was clear on Monday afternoon from sexually oriented club owner Zach Snyder to Jefferson County Commissioners. Do something or face another lawsuit.

“We’re going to sue the city of Meriden,” Snyder said. “I’m wondering if we should name you guys in our suit also for failing to act on your regulations.”

A side battle to Oasis Saloon located on K-4 Highway just outside of Meriden is a sewer lift station that is located on Snyder’s property. For more than a year Snyder has been trying to resolve the issue.

Snyder had in hand a letter that the County Planning and Zoning Department sent to the city of Meriden nearly a year ago. The letter confirms Snyder’s accusations from the county’s perspective.

“What am I supposed to do with this illegal structure on my property?” Snyder asked.

Snyder contends that the lift station is on his property and there are no setbacks. Furthermore he is paying the taxes on the lift station and the infrastructure associated with it.

Chairman Richard Malm responded to Snyder’s question by saying the matter is in the hands of the Meriden City Attorney Lee Hendricks.

Snyder said the lift station is not in the city limits and falls under the county’s jurisdiction.

Earlier this year commissioners made a Boy Scout troop bulldoze a building foundation because it did not meet setback requirements. Snyder said if you can enforce regulations on the Boy Scouts, how can the county not enforce them against a city?

“If you enforce these, like you did for the Boy Scouts, how is it any different?” Snyder questioned. “It’s a structure that is illegal.”

“I’m paying taxes on it,” he added.

Snyder said his insurance will not cover an accident or disaster with the lift station. He said the Boy Scouts thought they were within regulations and made a mistake and that a city should know better.

“They ought to know better,” Snyder said. “They ought to know they need a building permit. They ought to know they have to have a conditional use permit. They ought to know all the proper things need to be in place before they do it.”

Malm’s only answer was, “I know it’s in the county but it’s a city that did it.”

County Counselor Mike Hayes said the last time he spoke with Hendricks he indicated that he was trying to obtain paperwork associated with the lift station. He said there had been two changes at city attorney since it was constructed. Furthermore he said Hendricks was trying to contact the engineer of the project.

Snyder said Hendricks was chasing something that doesn’t exist.

“There is no paper trail to show because it doesn’t exist,” Snyder said. “You cannot produce something that doesn’t exist.”

Snyder said he has spoken with the city engineer and he was told that it was not his issue and a legal issue. He said he has attended all the city council meetings and has spoken with all of the attorneys involved.

“I know exactly what has transpired,” Snyder said. “This happened in January folks. Do you know what month this is?

“How long did it take for you guys to vote to knock down the Boy Scouts wall?” he went on to say. “It didn’t take long.”

Hayes said he would send a followup letter to Hendricks.

The city of Meriden is set to meet this Tuesday, Dec. 13. Snyder said he will be at that meeting and that the issue will be addressed.

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