Public opinion wanted on Valley Falls recycling program

by Clarke Davis

Valley Falls city officials are going to conduct an informal poll and hold a special meeting to determine what kind of recycling program residents desire.

The cost ranges from $1 a month to $5 depending on whether the town has a central collection place or each home receives curbside service.

Mayor Charles Stutesman and the city council members will hold a special meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 29, for the express purpose of hearing from the public.

Shawn Ball, owner of the S.M. Ball Company currently providing trash pickup, attended the meeting and resubmitted his price list for providing recycling service.

If the public appears to favor a central location, the council will have to determine where that will be. The cost to residents will be $1 a month or $2 depending on what is accepted.

The $1 price will accept all glass, plastics, tin or aluminum cans, newspaper, catalogues, phone books, and magazines. For a fee of $2, cardboard and chipboard will be included. Pickup will be twice a month.

For $3 a month every household will receive a 95-gallon cart that can be used to contain all of the above with two exceptions. Ball said plastic bags cannot be included and glass must be kept separate.

For the $3 fee, Ball will empty the containers at curbside once a month. For $5 the company will empty them twice a month.

The council members present did not feel like making that decision for the public without some kind of feed back.

Residents can express their desires in several ways: call the mayor or a council member, call city hall (945-6612), or attend the special meeting. A final decision is not expected until one of the December meetings.

For curbside recycling, Ball said it would take about 60 days to order the containers and be up and running.

In other business, Jerry Tullis, commander of the local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post, asked the city for some help in upkeep on the post home. The city-owned rock building is one of the first structures built in the city during territorial days and is under a long-term lease to the veterans.

Tullis said it needed roof work costing $2,600 along with some electrical work for $700. He noted the air conditioning units are also worn out.

The commander said it was simply depleting the post’s funds to keep up with it all.

The council approved donating $5,000 to the VFW for building upkeep at the veterans’ discretion. Councilwoman Lucy Thomas made the clarification that the money was to be used for the building, because there are a number of other benevolent organizations that would also like to have donations.

The money will be paid out over two budget years at the request of city administrator Chris Channell.

The council accepted an offer of $4,500 for the city’s old sand truck from Lakeshore Estates Subdivision.

Thomas reported the Economic Development Committee’s monthly social would be held at the rural location of Turner Designs at 5:30 p.m. Nov. 30. People can car pool from the bank by meeting at 5:10 p.m. Megan Turner will be the host. She is the school’s art teacher and the Thomas’s daughter.

A resident’s complaint about his neighbor’s untideness will be taken up by the council’s Health Code Committee.

Kurt Oborn was told at the Oct. 19 meeting that only complaints in writing would be given serious attention by officials. Oborn followed with a two-page letter outlining his reasons for his complaint and spelling out what they are. He said he was trying to improve his property and protect his property values.

The complaint is aimed at his next door neighbor Ben Branstetter who has some barbecue grills and lawn mowers in his front yard, cracking and peeling paint on his house, and some debris in the backyard.

The committee members, Jo Tichenor and Todd Harrington, will meet with Channell to visit the area and see if the complaints rise to the level of a violation of city codes.

Branstetter was also at the last meeting, stating he had some things in his yard but it was his property and he just wanted to be left alone to live his life. As for some weeds in the garden area, he said he would take care of those.

Councilman Mike Hahn was absent.

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