Opinion poll not definitive in recycling decision in Valley Falls

by Clarke Davis

Only half a dozen people have let their feelings be known about a recycling program by calling the Valley Falls city office.

Administrator Chris Channell said there have been far too few express their feelings to draw any conclusions. A couple don’t want any program, a couple want curbside pickup, and a couple want a central collection site.


Only half a dozen people have let their feelings be known about a recycling program by calling the Valley Falls city office.

In polling a few officials, no one has approached Jo Tichenor and only two talked to Lucy Thomas, who said they were split, one for and one against.

Shawn Jepson has had a dozen express an opinion to him with half not wanting any program and the other half wanting recycling but divided on whether it should be a central program or curbside.

An owner of J&T Liquor, Jepson said he was going to keep an informal poll at the store.

Mayor Charles Stutesman, who favors a recycling program of some kind, has only heard from two people on the issue and both were against it.

Thomas said she would never favor the $5 alternative for twice a month curbside pickup, however she did say if it wasn’t curbside she personally would probably not use a central dumping area.

The mayor, on the other hand, thinks the city needs to start with something and a central location would get the program off the ground. He foresees that if the town could reduce its amount of trash going to the landfill by 40 to 50 percent, the future cost of trash pickup could either be held stable without an increase or reduced to benefit residents.

If it comes down to a central location, no one seems to know where that will be. Vacant lots downtown are discussed and the mayor thinks they should be somewhat visible, easy to find and look after. But most of the suitable lots are private property and would require owner assistance.

“I would really like to hear from property owners if anyone has a location that could be used for this purpose,” Stutesman said.

The council has scheduled a special meeting for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 29, to hear from the public. The only agenda item is recycling and city residents are encouraged to express themselves on the subject.

S.M. Ball will provide either a central location or provide every resident with a container for curbside. The central location will cost everyone $1 a month or $2 if cardboard is included. The curbside will cost $3 for once a month pickup or $5 for twice a month.

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