Valley Falls school board to set goals, find vision

by Clarke Davis

Valley Falls Superintendent Loren Feldkamp asked the school board to help develop a three-year plan for the district when the board met Monday night.

Loren Feldkamp

Loren Feldkamp

“We need to know what our goals are and what the vision for the district is going to be,” Feldkamp said.

He noted that everything would be on the table and mentioned a few topics such as staffing, consolidation, capital outlay expenditures, facilities, and technology.

Feldkamp will try to schedule someone from the Kansas Associaton of School Boards to help direct the session, which will probably be held on a Saturday morning.

After the board establishes a broad outline, the process is expected to break out into committees to study some areas more in-depth. Public input will be sought from the committees and all meetings are open for the public to attend.

In the meantime, there’s a bat problem at the school and it’s going to initially cost about $4,800 to resolve it.

Bat droppings have been found on the exterior of the school near the kitchen and it’s believed they are nesting between the flat roof and the pitched roof.

A Lawrence company has been contacted that will seal off the cracks under the roof where the bats can get through. Traps will be set to catch as many as possible before sealing it off for good. It was noted that at least three bats had been found inside the school.

Feldkamp has been meeting with the members of the Valley Falls Re-creation Commission and they are trying to work out a way that the exercise room can be open to the public on Saturday and Sunday.

It is now open from 6 a.m. till about 10:45 p.m. weekdays. The superintendent says in order to open it up to the public at least one hallway gate will have to be installed and five doors equipped with new locking devices.

“Securing the building is my main concern,” Feldkamp said.

Another concern was not having anyone present to check the building after everyone leaves.

“A heart attack victim could lie there until Monday morning before anyone found them,” he said.

Bids will be taken to move the football field after the football season ends. The bids will cover the dirt work and reseeding.

Shifting the field 10 yards to the east has been anticipated for a long time and was planned when the new lights were installed. The needed dirt is also available and stockpiled at the site.

Bids will also be taken to solve a drainage problem near the high school, where water runs into the building from near the flag pole into the maintenance room.

Patron Earl Stevens addressed the board on a couple of topics, but wanted to know mostly about the use of the industrial arts building.

He said taxpayers spent a lot of money for it and he hated to see it become a storage shed or closet. He encouraged the board to look at an industrial arts or vo-ag. course as necessary for those students who will not be going to college.

All board members were present.

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