Courthouse records: August 4, 2010

District court—


45 mph zone— Patrick D. Kelly, Atchison, 65 mph, failure to wear seat belt and no insurance, fine plus costs $203.50.

65 mph zone— Regina R. Robertson, Atchison, 76 mph, $144.50.

Other traffic violations— Richmond Aarstad, Meriden, DUI(2), $1,093.50 and five days in jail.

Wildlife and Parks— James O. Matter, Perry, boating violation, $121.

Cases filed—

Limited civil:

A&T Snyder LLC vs. Daniel Whitcomb Jr., recovery of money.

Providence Medical Center Inc. vs. Corey Nelson, recovery of money.

KT’s Short Stop vs. James M. Tillotson, recovery of money.

Home Center vs. Alyce McCullough, recovery of money; vs. Glen C. Hewitt, recovery of money; vs. Veronica Knudsen, recovery of money; vs. Scott Ribordy, recovery of money.

Oskaloosa Animal Clinic vs. Teresa A. Ray, recovery of money; vs. Angela R. Barnhardt, recovery of money; vs. Kay Sheaffer, recovery of money; vs. Kirk Curtiss, recovery of money; vs. Daniel Crossett, recovery of money; vs. Kim Gardner, recovery of money.

GE Money Bank vs. Adetha F. Buchheim, recovery of money.

Blue Dot Services Company of Kansas vs. John R. Thompson, recovery of money.

Manning Music Inc. vs. Dana L. Scott, recovery of money; vs. Susan A. Ussery, recovery of money.

FIA Card Services NA vs. Monica R. Long, recovery of money.

Oskaloosa Thriftway vs. Norma Barngrover, recovery of money; vs. Scott Camelin, recovery of money; vs. Nova M. Dines, recovery of money; vs. Lawrence Pentlin, recovery of money; vs. Jeffrey Myrick, recovery of money; vs. Sherry Brese, recovery of money; vs. Zeb Wisdom, recovery of money; vs. Kenneth Poverlein, recovery of money; vs. Michael Taver, recovery of money; vs. Michael L. Garber, recovery of money; vs. Melissa M. Cress, recovery of money; vs. Annette D. Walker, recovery of money; vs. Brandi Harris, recovery of money; vs. Robert Buck, recovery of money; vs. Michelle Willis, recovery of money; vs. Brandon M. Kessinger, recovery of money.

Pruitt Appliance Service Inc. vs. Mary Smith, recovery of money.

Domestic relations:

Sunday A. Martin vs. Barry L. Hodges and Leslie A. Hodges, order of protection(dismissed).


State vs. Curtis W. Mumaw, Ozawkie, domestic battery, disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process.

Marriage License—

Benjamin A. Hardee, 24, Ozawkie, and Sarah L. Woodhead, 21, McLouth.

Jay J. Walburn, 45, and Linda M. Davis, 45, both of Oskaloosa.

Casey Buerman, 30, Oskaloosa, and Jessica Fetzer, 27, Edgerton.

Chad LaRogue, 36, and Katie Riley, 30, both of Independence, Mo.

Register of deeds—

QC, Brotherhood Bank and Trust to Homer E. Hon and Elaine M. Hon, lot 129, Park Woods Section of Lakeside Village.

WD, Robert D. Casey and John J. Casey to Dolores J. Casey, SE 1/4 21-9-17.

WD, Kenneth Tenbrink et ux. and Todd Tenbrink et ux. to Timothy Fennell and Heather Fennell, lot 94, Lakewood Hills Unit 1.

WD, John M. Kimberlin et ux. to Jeffrey L. Rogers, lot 7, Keck’s Addition, Meriden.

WD, Doris J. Anderson to Mark R. Scherer, W 1/2 lot 2 and 3, blk. M, Winchester.

WD, Jonathan D. Snapp et ux. to David M. Boucher et ux., lot 1, blk. B, McLouth.

WD, Jeramy M. Spooner et ux. to Donald A. Lemon and Linda G. Lemon, N 1/2 of lot 252 and all of lot 253, Lakewood Hills Unit 1.

WD, Richard O’Neill et ux. to William Manville and Arleta Manville, NE 1/4 10-9-19.

WD, SCI Cable Inc. to Gladstone Capital Corp., SE 1/4 24-11-18.

QC, Gladstone Capital Corp. to Kansas Cable Holdings Inc., SE 1/4 24-11-18.

WD, Ryan M. Beckland et ux. to Randall L. Smith, lot 632, Walnut Grove Section Lakeside Village.

WD, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Terry M. Adcock et ux., lots 4 and 6, Headwater Heights Subdivision.

WD, Jeffrey K. Joseph et ux. to Ralph Short and Joellen A. Short, NW 1/4, 28-9-17.

WD, Jeffery C. Lyons et ux. to Alvin D. Erhart and Denise Erhart, lot 7 and part of lot 6 and the vacated alley between lots 6 and 7, blk. 5, Winchester.

WD, Raybert H. Thornton Sr. to Brian A. Thornton Sr., NW 1/4 16-11-20.

WD, Lauren A. Beatty to Sara Roesler and Derek W. Roesler, part of out lot 32, Perry.

WD, Dennis D. Tryon to Russell T. Winsor and Patricia J. Winsor, S 1/2 22-11-18.

Sheriff’s reports—

The following offense and traffic reports are the latest released by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. The date of offense is often approximate and sometimes long before the reporting date.

July 20: William C. Heinen, Valley Falls, reported a lost or stolen tag.

July 20: Brian L. Spainhower, Nortonville, reported an assault with a deadly weapon.

July 20: Sandra Darton, rural Oskaloosa, reported a theft.

July 20: Officers responded to a report of shots heard on the 13400 block of Wagon Wheel Drive, rural Perry.

July 21: Anderson Ayward, rural Grantville, reported a theft.

July 21: Freya McCannon, rural Perry, reported a theft.

July 21: Chad Domann, rural Winchester, reported a burglary and theft.

July 22: Mary Selbe, rural Ozawkie, reported a theft.

July 22: Officers responded to a report of a burglary, theft and battery on the 6700 of Anderson Road, rural Meriden.

July 22: Lindsay Seichepine, rural Grantville, reported forgery and fraud.

July 22: Officers responded to a report of a fight in progress on the 200 block of Walnut Street, Winchester.

July 22: Josh Haid, Meriden, reported telephone harassment.

July 22: Officers responded to a report of a disturbance on the 400 block of Park Street, Oskaloosa.

July 23: Officers responded to a report of a disturbance on the 10700 block of Perry Park Drive, rural Perry.

July 24: Officers responded to a report of a disturbance on the 700 block of Elm Street, Perry.

July 25: Taylor Spencer, Winchester, reported a theft.

July 25: Erline Hines, Meriden, reported criminal damage to property.

July 25: Janis M. Bishop, Oskaloosa, reported a theft.

July 26: Officers responded to a report of a burglary and theft on the 600 block of East Wyandotte Street, Meriden.

July 27: Bernie Hayworth, rural Meriden, reported criminal damage to property.

July 27: Tammy Jeffries, reported a theft.

July 27: Officers responded to a report of a fight in progress on the 300 block of South Miller Street, Meriden.

July 27: Angie Minner, rural Grantville, reported a burglary and theft.

Officers also responded to the following calls for service:

  • abandoned vehicle 2
  • alarm 10
  • animal call 19
  • check welfare 8
  • citizen assist 32
  • domestic disturbance 1
  • juvenile call 2
  • keep peace 1
  • suspicious activity 15
  • traffic problem 12
  • vehicle check 19
  • 911 hang up 28

The following accidents were recently reported:

July 9, 4:53 p.m.: Marcus D. Thompson, 34, Topeka, was traveling on U.S. 24 Highway near Ferguson road when a vehicle driven by Kristen L. Hawkins, 30, Mission, pulled out in front of Thompson’s vehicle causing a collision.

July 17, 5:30 p.m.: Felicha M. Albright, 32, Perry, was backing out of a parking stall on Cedar Street in Perry and struck a vehicle passing that was driven by Timothy G. Martins, 36, Perry.

July 18, 11:30 p.m.: Lance W. Steffey, 21, McLouth, was traveling along Wellman Road near 54th Street when he lost control of his vehicle and went off the road hitting a mailbox before entering the ditch and hitting the embankment. The vehicle rolled over.

July 20, 7:07 a.m.: Troy V. Flora, 47, Topeka, was traveling along U.S. 24 Highway and was slowing down to turn onto Linn Road when a vehicle driven by Jeffrey Goldman, 24, Lawrence struck the rear end of Flora’s vehicle.

July 20, 11:12 a.m.: A vehicle driven by Terry Nho, 21, California, and owned by Gary Hoagland, Meriden, was traveling along Meriden Road near 102nd Street when Nho lost control on loose gravel and rolled the vehicle onto a fence on the east side of the roadway.

The following driver recently struck wildlife on county roadways:

Mary T. Holwick, 51, McLouth.

The Jefferson County Humane Society reports the following strays:

Basset hound, male, 50 pounds; golden/chow mix, female, medium size with golden hair; chocolate lab/rottwweiler mix, male, cloudy right eye; Welsh corgi mix, black and tan, male; black lab mix with white around muzzle, male.

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