County, club owner may head to court

by Dennis Sharkey

Proposed sexually oriented business owner Zach Snyder says he and the county are far apart on an agreement.

Snyder said last week that the tactics that county commissioner’s attorney Mike Hayes is taking are not in the spirit of negotiations. He said talks have been off and on again at a frustrating pace.

“I don’t see how it’s going to happen,” Snyder said last Friday.

Snyder said he has been more than willing to negotiate in good faith with commissioners but hasn’t been afforded the same treatment.

“I’m not going to ask for the sky,” Snyder said. “We’ve got to meet at a reasonable middle.”

Snyder said he is more than willing to compromise. He used the analogy that if there were 100 chips on the table he would take 48. He said opening and operating a business is his first priority.

“I would like to have a settlement,” Snyder said. “I would like to have a reasonable agreement between us.”

According to federal court documents the two sides have until July 25 to reach an agreement or a lawsuit filed by Snyder against the commissioners will move forward.

Commissioners had until June 27 to file a response to the allegations made in the lawsuit but both sides asked for an extension of that deadline because a settlement was likely.

Although still open for an agreement, Snyder said he is growing impatient.

“The time on the clock is about up,” Snyder said. “If it doesn’t change quickly it will be back to court.”

Chairman Richard Malm said on Monday that to his knowledge the attorneys are still working towards a settlement when presented with Snyder’s comments. Malm said that he doesn’t have any expectations but hasn’t heard that negotiations have broken down. He said if a settlement isn’t reached , commissioners would probably seek an extension.

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