Engineering firm puzzled with Oskaloosa’s decision

by Dennis Sharkey

Last month the Oskaloosa City Council terminated their relationship with engineering firm B&G Consultants but never told them.

According to a letter written to the council by Cecil Kingsley with B&G Consultants the firm found out about the termination from friends who read a front page story in the Independent on May 26.

Kingsley was upset by the actions or inactions by the council and gave some indication that the firm’s reputation had been damaged.

Kingsley says that he is surprised by the city’s behavior and expressed frustration over not being able to address some of the accusations made mostly by Mayor Mike Boyd.

One major concern for Kingsley was a comment made by Boyd that some residents have expressed to him that they believe that some people with the city were in the pockets of the firm. Boyd did not say that was happening but said more than a few citizens have expressed concerns.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t guarantee and promise the community that BG Consultants is transparent and aboveboard in all dealings with everyone,” Kingsley said in the letter.

Boyd also made some comments about the performance of the firm and the amount of money that has been spent.

Kingsley predicted in his letter that the city will not be able to find an engineer who provides the level of service that B&G Consultants did.

“To end the services of a highly successful city engineer in this way just doesn’t seem to make sense,” he said.

Brian Kingsley, Cecil’s son and the chief engineer on the city’s projects, also wrote a letter but was more diplomatic in his approach. Kingsley expressed disappointment but said he would like to maintain a relationship with the city in the future.

Boyd was not present at last week’s meeting when the letters were presented to the council. Councilman Greg Rockhold, who was also outspoken about dismissing B&G Consultants, was also absent.

The council took no action on the letters until both men return.

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