McLouth recommends residents check gas connectors

by Dennis Sharkey

A recent call to the McLouth City Hall has led to a warning from Fire Chief Carl Chalfant.

Earlier this year a resident of McLouth called city hall when they smelled the odor of gas in their home.

Tragedy was adverted at the home but Chalfant said the situation could have been catastrophic if not caught.

The problem was a gas line flex connector that was hooked onto a hot water tank. As illustrated a small crack or hole developed in the side of the connector causing a gas leak.

Chalfant said the connectors were previously approved by regulators but have proven to fail over the years.

The connectors were manufactured by several different companies and usually have a color coating. Most are blue, yellow or copper in color. Some will show no signs of deterioration but corrode from the inside out and can look new.

Chalfant said anytime a connector is removed or a new appliance is installed, a new connector needs to be installed. He said to ask for approved connectors from the American Gas Association, American Public Gas Association or the Department of Transportation.

Chalfant said a warning about the connectors was issued about five years ago but they are still being found in homes.

If residents are unsure of what they have, they can call City Hall at 913-796-6411 and an employee will check it.

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