County won’t block Meriden club opening while federal case is being heard

by Dennis Sharkey

Jefferson County Commissioners will not block the plans by business owner Zach Snyder to open a restaurant and bar just outside of Meriden on K-4 Highway.

Proposed strip club in Meriden

Proposed strip club building in Meriden

According to a federal court filing in response to a lawsuit filed against the county by Snyder the county will not enforce a resolution approved last month that licences and regulates sexually oriented businesses (SOB) in the county. Furthermore, they will not enforce any zoning changes that have been or may be approved.

The filing says the county will not enforce any regulations up until Sept. 1 or if the court grants relief before then. However, a moratorium on conditional use permits is in effect until September.

The filing also asked for an extension for a complete response to all of the allegations made by Snyder. A deadline of June 27 was granted by the court and was not opposed by Snyder’s attorneys.

The deadline could get pushed even further back if an amended petition is made by Snyder. The county said in the filing that it expects an amended filing if commissioners approve new language to the county’s zoning regulations.

The County Planning and Zoning Commission is scheduled to consider the proposed changes May 17. If recommended by the Planning Commission, commissioners anticipate approving the regulations the following Monday.

Snyder has indicated that he plans on moving forward with a restaurant.

The prospect of relying on the Legislature to pass new laws regulating SOBs has appeared to have faded for this year.

A motion by Sen. Steve Abrams, R-Arkansas City, and a member of the Federal and State Affairs Committee, to bring the bill to the Senate floor last Thursday, May 5, failed by a 22-17 vote. Sen. Tom Holland, D-Baldwin, voted in favor of bringing the bill to the floor. The bill remains in the Federal and State Affairs committee where it will likely die for this year’s session.

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