Commissioners approve wellness program

by Dennis Sharkey

Commissioners have approved a wellness plan that will provide blood tests, screenings and education in hopes of reducing health care costs.

The one-day event will take place Monday, Oct. 10, or Columbus Day. The day used to be a holiday but will be used by the county for the one day program. County offices will be closed but employees will be required to attend the event or stay home and take a vacation day.

County employees were recently surveyed and indicated they would be in favor of a program.

However, results show that wellness events are poorly attended unless there is an incentive involved. Commissioners agreed to a plan that would award an employee leave time in a drawing of participants.

Break out sessions and seminars will also focus on things such as CPR and prevention topics.

The survey also shows some problems with employee morale. A focus on improving morale will be a component of the program.

In other actions:

• More problems have surfaced with a project to pave Northwind Drive subdivision, only this time the issues are with construction crews.

Road and Bridge Director Francis Hubbard reported that there are several problems with the construction including a culvert that was not constructed right. It is the second time during the construction that problems have occurred with the culvert. There are also other issues with draining and ditch work.

The contractor has submitted a final bill that totals more than $158,000 but commissioners on Monday blocked any payments to be made to the contractor until some issues are addressed.

Commissioners also want to back charge the contractor for wasted trips by inspectors to the construction site. Hubbard said many of the issues were not addressed during construction because the contractor would break appointments or not show up at all.

“There was very little communication between the contractor and the inspector,” Hubbard said.

Before next week’s meeting commissioners will take a viewing trip to Northwind Drive to inspect the issues. A decision on how to respond to the bill is expected to be made next week.

• Work on a bridge north of Highway 92 on Ferguson Road is about three days ahead of schedule. The project was expected to take about two months. Crews were nearing completion of the deck removal as of Monday.

• Commissioners discussed an issue that Rural Water District No. 1 has raised concerning the property at 8023 K-4 Highway. Owner Zach Snyder said he met with board members last week and presented a letter from the district.

The district wants a variance for hard surface parking on the property. A parking lot that has already been poured is covering about 150 feet of water main line.

Malm instructed Snyder to take the issue to the board of zoning appeals.

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