Town Crier: Time is right for recycling program

by Clarke Davis

The first Earth Day was observed 41 years ago and we are just now having a serious discussion in this town about a recycling program.

recycling programBack then, emerging from the Age of Aquarius, there were rivers and lakes so full of chemicals and sludge they could no longer sustain life. Smog in the cities was thick and people threw trash out of the car window with abandon, not unlike the cans from our present day beer drinkers.

But the best part was the city dump where we met our neighbors, discarded what is now sold at garage sales, and became sharp shooters killing rats.

There will be a cost to get curbside recycling and I hope it’s not more than the $5 a month one company put forth. But it’s the best method to get everyone on board and make it successful. Trash haulers tell us a town this size will recycle five tons of debris each month and reduce the amount of material going to the landfill by at least 40 percent.

I know a family living in a city who tells me their recycle bin always contains more than their trash bin.

town crier Clarke DavisMayor Charles Stutesman says he is for it and noted that in order for these programs to work they have to be easy and cheap. There is always a sense that the rate for trash hauling and recycling is somewhat unfair if you measure the amount of trash a large family puts on the curb in comparison to a two-person household or a single person.

I can only speak for myself on this point, but since I’ve gotten away my whole life without a serious trash tax, there is no way I could ever afford to mak

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