Lecompton students raise $800 for Japanese earthquake victims

Story and photos by Carolyn Kaberline

It began with a discussion in Lisa Scrimsher’s second grade class at Lecompton Elementary school and ended up with a school-wide fundraiser that raised more than $800 to help the children in Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Fourth-grader Jenna Zimmerman

Fourth-grader Jenna Zimmerman adds money to the jars set up before school as part of the Penny Wars at Lecompton Elementary School during the week of April 4. Jenna is the daughter of Bill and Pat Zimmerman, Perry.

“The idea came from a discussion during social studies about how the United States helps other countries in the world,” Scrimsher said. “We talked about sending military support to Libya and aid to Japan.”

Scrimsher said that one of her students wrote a note to the school counselor about having a fundraiser to help the people of Japan. Before long the idea came up for a penny war for the week of April 4.

“Each class had a container in the gym,” Scrimsher explained. “In the mornings, students were able to put pennies in their class container to count toward their total. They were also able to put silver coins or paper money in another class’s container to count against that class. That meant that if a class had 100 pennies and one dime in their container, they would only have a total of 90 points. At the end of the week the class with the highest total would win an ice cream sundae party.”

Competition was fierce, with students going all out to find change. However, after all the money was counted, Gretchen Byer’s third grade class came out on top with $21.86.

Although $21.86 doesn’t sound like much, Scrimsher reminded everyone that the amount represents “the difference between how much they had in pennies and how much they had in silver coins or dollars that other classes put in their containers.”

Byer’s class actually had collected $39.66 in pennies; however, other classes put $17.80 in other change in their container. That left them with the total of $21.86.

A jar holds the coins of one class during the LES Penny Wars.

A jar holds the coins of one class during the LES Penny Wars.

However, other classes fared worse. Diane Folks’ fourth grade class brought in a total of $85.53 in their search for the ice cream sundae party. However, their plans were upset when other classes put $153.20 in their container.

“That left them with a difference of -$67.69, so Ms. Byer’s class won,” Scrimsher noted, adding that it was “the competition between classes and the opportunity to take away from another class’s total that really brought the money in.”

Students seemed to agree.

“The best part was getting to put the pennies in for our class,” said second-grader Timmy Brown while Brendan Ussery, also in second grade, believed “The best part was putting quarters in the other class’s box.”

Third-grader Allie Faughn thought the whole fundraiser was fun, while fourth-grader Colton Mallonee was even stronger in his approval: “It was awesome!”

The winners, of course, enjoyed the ice cream party.

When all funds were counted, students at Lecompton Elementary had raised $814.15 which will be donated to Save the Children.

The Lecompton Elementary School social action committee also held a bake sale at the PLES Family Fun Night Beach Party April 8 to raise additional money for this cause. The bake sale and free-will offerings along with the penny war provided a donation of approximately $1500 to Save the Children.



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