Theft of laptop computer reported at Delaware library

by Clarke Davis

Kay Lassiter was one mad librarian last week. Someone stole a laptop computer from under her watchful eye, and she is upset.

Librarian Kay Lassiter

File photo of Librarian Kay Lassiter

The computer was one of two laptops and the oldest one, believed to be about five years old.

It didn’t have much monetary value, but served as a good resource for library users wanting to use the Internet.

Computers have become popular at the Delaware Township Library in recent years and on some days there just aren’t enough to go around.

Lassiter seemed to be most disgusted at the idea someone would steal from a public service that provides free service for the asking.

The librarian is pretty sure she knows who stole it and has filed a police report. The theft occurred Thursday afternoon and she has the time frame narrowed down to between 2 and 4 p.m.

The computer was located in an auxilIary room that has an exit to the hallway leading out of the building. Lassiter said the person who stole the computer either had help from someone who slipped in the hallway door or they put the computer in the hallway and then left through the main room.

Friday, Lassiter and her assistant, Karen Botkin, moved the other laptop out of the room and replaced them with towers that would be more difficult to steal. She can’t lock the door to the hallway because of fire safety.

She has a couple of new computers coming and doesn’t expect service to the public to be inconvenienced.

“It’s just the idea,” she said.

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