Planning commission tables review of regulations

by Dennis Sharkey

County officials are uncertain about when a review of the planning and zoning regulations will begin.

The Planning and Zoning Commission met last Tuesday, March 15, but the moratorium on conditional use permits was tabled indefinitely.

Planning and Zoning Director Eloise Tichenor requested that the agenda be amended and the item tabled.

One planning and zoning commissioner, Paul Johnson, Rural Township, objected and wanted to know when they would discuss the issue.

“I would like a date certain of when we’re going to take this up,” Johnson said “I don’t think it gets done without deadlines.”

Tichenor said that her staff was still conducting research but said maybe they could begin discussing the regulations in a month.

“The monkey would be on staff’s back at this point,” she said.

The planning and zoning commission is being tasked with reviewing the county’s regulations in business and industrial use zones for conditional use permits.

Last month county commissioners enacted a six month moratorium on conditional use permits until the county’s regulations could be reviewed and possibly changed.

Commissioners took the action five days after denying a permit for a restaurant and bar that would have included adult entertainment outside of Meriden on K-4 Highway. The county’s current regulations don’t address sexually oriented businesses.

Planning and Zoning commissioners when asked said they expect to begin discussing the issue soon but would not confirm if they are even meeting next month.

“We don’t know if we’ll have discussion next month,” Commissioner Bret Frakes, Valley Falls, said. “It depends on what staff comes up with in the next month. There will be discussion at the next meeting I have a feeling.”

Johnson asked Tichenor if they would be meeting next month. Tichenor said at this time nothing is on the agenda.

Johnson then asked about the time frame for reporting back to commissioners. Tichenor said any changes to regulations would be completed by Sept. 3, when the moratorium is set to end.

If the planning and zoning staff was waiting for the state to take action they’ll be waiting longer than six months.

House Bill 2107 that would have regulated where sexually oriented businesses can be located failed to make it out of the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee last Thursday. The House passed the bill overwhelmingly.

Zach Snyder, operator of the proposed business outside of Meriden also questioned the Planning and Zoning Commission about regulations. Previously during the meeting the commission voted to recommend approval for a conditional use permit for Dailey Ag. Part of the recommendation waived the requirement for Dailey Ag to pave their parking lot. Commissioners said they would not waive the requirement for the proposed SOB.

“Isn’t the point of having regulations to be consistent and treat everybody equally?” Snyder asked.

Commissioner Roger Wood replied that Dailey Ag was not going to have a lot of traffic like his business would.

“We have the option to waive it due to individual (situations),” Wood said.

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