Parent still looking for answers from McLouth School Board

by Dennis Sharkey

A parent of a child who was allegedly attacked while at McLouth Elementary School is still looking for answers from the district.

Terry Snell pulled his six-year-old daughter out of school on Feb. 23 and enrolled her into a private school in Leavenworth County. Snell said he did so after receiving what he perceived as a lack of response from school officials.

Snell met in a closed session with school board members on Monday and said board members and administrators had nothing to say.

“You could have heard a pin drop in that room,” Snell said. “They listened, but not one word. Not even a whisper.”

Snell said about 10 other concerned parents attended the meeting with him including the teacher at his daughter’s new school.

Snell said some board members did look at administrators in a strange way when he told board members that current superintendent Jean Rush had no knowledge of the incident two days after it was reported.

Snell said he also asked representatives of the McLouth Police Department to attend the school board meeting. He said no one from the department attended.

Snell said he was disappointed that the board talked with him in closed session.

“I think the public should know,” he said.

Snell has hired Topeka attorney Roger Fincher and a private investigator has begun working on the case.

Rush was asked about the incident last week but she gave no specific comment about the incident but said the district investigates all claims and takes the appropriate action.

Rush acknowledged that a K-12 school such as McLouth has shared space such as the lunchroom and library where high school and elementary kids have interaction.

Snell is alleging that a 16-year-old student grabbed his daughter’s behind area during one incident and then days later drug her into a bathroom where he grabbed her again.

Snell said in speaking with other parents he has discovered that the student in question has a reputation.

Snell also has a 16-year-old son who is still enrolled and attending school at McLouth High School. He said administrators attempted to have him sign a piece of paper saying his son would not retaliate against the student in question.

Furthermore, Snell said his son has told him that it is business as usual at the school concerning the student. He said the student is still issued hall passes and is allowed to roam the school.

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