Bids opened on several Valley Falls projects

by Clarke Davis

City officials are going to take a serious look at some of the street curbs in Valley Falls and contract some repairs this summer.

Mayor Charles Stutesman opened a bid from Kearney & Son Construction March 16 offered to remove old curbing and replace with new for $37 a linear foot provided the city contracted at least 50 feet.

The street committee, consisting of council members Paul Burns and Tony Trower, will be meeting with utilities superintendent Daryl Courter to survey the street curbs soon to determine how much to contract and set some priorities.

Heinen Custom Operations and Kearney & Son Construction were competitive bidders on two other projects, each coming up the apparent low bidder on one of the projects.

The city wants to replace the loading dock at the water plant. To remove the old one and build a new one will cost $8,560 according to HCO’s bid. Kearney came in at $9,335.

Kearney is the apparent low bidder to install some new overhead doors on the city shop building at $9,856. HCO bid $10,100. This bid carried an option for a new side door that will cost about $3,000.

A decision on the bids was tabled on the advice of administrator Chris Channell, who advised not accepting any bids until he has time to study them more closely.

The council took time to look at a number of suggestions they received for a new city logo. At least four or five individuals sent suggestions along with the high school art class.

The council appeared to favor three renderings from the students and intend to send them back for help in merging two or three of the ideas together.

In other business, the council:

  • Discussed renewal of the city’s insurance policy with Mark Jepson of Jepson & Associates.
  • Learned that the materials for a new metal roof over the park shelterhouse would cost about $2,000.Channell said bids will be taken on the installation and the city may call for volunteers as an option.
  • Learned that it cost over $1,200 to hire a Kansas City firm to clear a sewer line one recent weekend, but the problem wound up to be inside a private home.
  • The street committee plans to overlay seven city blocks with new asphalt this summer. They include the streets inside the Senn Addition (Willow and 16th) and a few blocks in the area of the school, Elm from Highway 16 north and a block of 7th Street from Frazier east.
  • A long discussion was held concerning buying a police car. Police Chief Cory Shields and officer Josh Pence had acquired information on various models and venues.
  • Ami Baker, who has moved from the city, questioned her water bill and the timing of when it was read out. Because she had a leak, the administrator said he would reduce a portion of the bill charged for sewer service.

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