Uncollectible city water bills total $10,000, Valley Falls city council told

by Clarke Davis

The Valley Falls City Council was told there is more than $10,000 in uncollected water bills on file at city hall when it met Jan. 5.

Administrator Chris Channell passed a list of the deadbeat accounts around the table, noting that they were mostly all a result of people moving and not leaving any forwarding address.

Council people spotted numerous names they recognized and people they see often, although they did not have a mailing address for them.

It was noted that local attorney Rick Johnson had collected some of the delinquents.

Channell asked if the council wanted to use a collection agency or how he should go about trying to clear the accounts, but it went unanswered for now.

Businesses located on Highway K-4 are again wanting to pressure the state to lower the speed limit past the city, according to Mayor Charles Stutesman.

“That discussion has resurfaced again with the request coming to the mayor,” he said.

The mayor said they would like to see the speed dropped to 55 mph. An earlier attempt to get the Department of Transportation to lower the limit failed, but the council voted to pursue it a second time.

In other business, the city:

• Gave an across the board raise of 3 percent of city employees on a 3-2 vote, Paul Burns and Mark Boyce opposed. (Employees did not receive a raise last year.)

• Set a date of Feb. 28 as the deadline for all pit bulls to be out of the city before being issued a ticket. Pit bull owner Megan Lynch requested some additional time to make arrangements since the new ordinance went into effect.

• Notice was given that the Valley Falls Economic Development Committee would hold a soup supper and town hall meeting at 6 p.m. Jan. 26. The public will be invited to share ideas and greet the new city administrator.

• The mayor brought a sign to city hall that read, “Be sure to taste your words before you spit ’em out.” The sign was a gift from a neighbor of his parents in Osage County who had read about the citizen who used course language in addressing the police chief at a council meeting.

• The mayor also presented a “white board” for city hall on which he will post the city’s projects.

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