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Veterans Day programVeterans are greeted by an avenue of pupils waving flags on Veterans Day at Valley Falls schools.

Photo by Clarke Davis

The children at Valley Falls Elementary and High school held their third annual Veterans Day program Nov. 11 to honor and thank the community’s veterans.

Kansas Brig. Gen. Lee Tafanelli brought, in part, this message:

 “We recognize that all our veterans have given something of  themselves to this country and some have given all — laying down  their lives to defend the freedoms we hold so dear.

“The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier serves as a reminder to all that their devotion to duty makes them a source of inspiration for all  to emulate. They are our heroes because they have repeatedly  triumphed over adversity. They know what it is like to stand guard  in the chill of the night while others sleep. They understand the  meaning of hardship; standing watch at freedom’s frontier far from  loved ones. They have seen the horror of war and catastrophe. Yet  they endure, and it is this devotion to duty that gives us strength. It  inspires today’s military men and women to serve. Looking out on  the world today, we can see how this unbroken line of heroes  continues the work of veterans from bygone eras. Our past Veterans served in places like the hedgerows of Normandy,  the hilltops of the 38th Parallel and the jungles of Vietnam. They  distinguished themselves through the flak above Berlin and in the  dangerous skies of Mig Alley. With determination and valor, they  devastated the enemy’s fleets in the Solomon Slots and at Midway.  On the beaches of Guadalcanal and at Inchon, they withstood hellish fire to secure a foothold for liberty and democracy.  Currently, the members of our Military are standing watch in 120  countries throughout the world, and the legacy of our veterans  continues to inspire each of them to answer the call to duty.

“To all our veterans we have a simple yet heartfelt message — thank  you — all of you, for your service. We want you to know that your  example serves to inspire others who follow in your footsteps. Thank  you for your selfless-service in peacetime and war, here in this  nation and throughout the world. For all veterans, regardless of  their service and the era in which they have served, have paid a  price for the freedom we enjoy.”

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