A ‘fat ass’ saga in Valley Falls

by Clarke Davis

In a recent Valley Falls city council meeting, Jim Ricketts, Holton, used the words “fat ass” twice in addressing Police Chief Tammy Gross.

This reporter simply noted that Ricketts had been disrespectful toward the officer.

Ricketts has called the newspaper to explain that he was repeating the words that she had said to him in referring to herself on an occasion back in January. However, he agrees that he never explained the use of those terms in that fashion and he understood it could have been taken wrong.

He said this was the second time he had asked her to make out a report for him. The first time had to do with something on another piece of property, a hill south of town.

Ricketts said she told him something to the affect, “I’m not taking my fat ass up that hill.” She then called a county deputy to assist Ricketts.

“I only meant to repeat back the words she used,” Ricketts said.

Gross denied having referred to herself in that manner, but said that if she called a county deputy to assist Ricketts it was because it was outside the city limits and thus outside her jurisdiction.

Ricketts owns a business building in downtown Valley Falls and is concerned about damage to the sidewalk caused by a large vehicle, possibly a small bus, at this location.

He waged his last complaint against Gross because she would not make out a report on the damage to his property. The police chief said she felt it was a civil matter.

Ricketts told the newspaper that he thought a traffic report would have been sufficient to get an insurance claim and that he had no desire to sue anyone.

Mayor Charles Stutesman said Ricketts did not act in the most preferrable manner.

“I would have stepped in but I didn’t want the situation to get more out of control and turn into a bigger incident,” he said.

The mayor said when someone acts out in that manner he wants to know what it is that’s “really eating at them to cause it.”

Gross said she would remove someone from city hall on the mayor’s say-so if the anger is aimed at someone else, but noted that she would not want to do so when it’s aimed at her.

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