Popular shoes can damage women’s feet

For years foot doctors and orthopedists have been chastising women for wearing high heels because of the myriad foot ailments that can result. However, it seems a popular flat shoe can cause a host of foot, back and hip trouble in its own right.

Popular shoes can damage women's feet Sheepskin boots that are popular to wear during the year, whether Uggs(R) or the multitude of knock-off brands available, may be unhealthy for your feet, say experts. That’s because the boots and similar shoes and slippers provide virtually no support for the arch of the foot. Individuals who have a low arch to begin with may experience further flattening of the arch and resulting foot trouble.

What’s more, these shoes also do not provide much support around the ankle or any other part of the foot for that matter. The foot is simply able to slide around in the boot. Eventually this lack of support can cause foot pain, which may travel up the legs into the hip and back.

Doctors warn that women, regardless of foot arch, should not wear these boots as their primary shoe source or for long durations of time, especially when doing a lot of walking.

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