McLouth’s Trevor Roberts welcomed home, crowned Homecoming King

Trevor Roberts McLouthTrevor Roberts had his leg amputated at KU Med this week after suffering a football injury while playing for McLouth High School. Trevor was escorted to a amedia press conference by his girlfriend, Kelsey Campbell (left to right) and his guardians Lisa Humerickhouse and her husband Jerrad inside KU Med on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010. JIM BARCUS/The Kansas City Star courtesy photo

by Dennis Sharkey

McLouth senior Trevor Roberts has somehow managed to turn an unfortunate situation into an inspiring story.

Last Monday Oct. 4, Trevor came out of his third surgery in five days that resulted in the loss of his leg.

On his way to the end zone Sept. 24, Trevor was pulled down from behind and severely broke his left leg.

Trevor Roberts Logan Terry Homecoming Mclouth

Trevor Roberts and Logan Terry were named the 2010 McLouth High School Homecoming King and Queen Friday night.

A week later Trevor’s leg became infected and emergency surgery had to be performed to remove his leg. Trevor’s guardian Jarred Humerickhouse said doctors gave Trevor a 50 percent chance of surviving his injury.

Now, not only is the school and community rallying behind Trevor, but his story has spread across the entire area.

“It’s just been incredible the amount of support. You would expect McLouth to come together but then you get Oskaloosa, JCN and Pleasant Ridge,” Humerickhouse said. “It’s just wonderful that people come together like that.”

Trevor is also getting calls and visits from coaches and new friends from miles around like North Kansas City restaurant owner Jeff Kelso.

Kelso said a friend of his was at KU Medical Center the same night Trevor was brought into the hospital and overheard what was going on. Kelso’s friend called him to see if he had heard about Trevor’s situation.

After searching around for Trevor’s name Kelso looked him up on Facebook and sent him a message. Trevor responded and put him in touch with Humerickhouse.

“I told his parents I don’t make a habit of going through the computer looking for people but something just told me I wanted to help this boy,” Kelso said.

Kelso, after finding out Trevor was a KU fan, contacted his friend, former KU and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Frank Seurer, and both headed down to the hospital to see Trevor.

Trevor Roberts McLouth

After three surgeries that saved his life, Trevor Roberts was released from the hospital on Friday and greeted by teammates at half-time of McLouth’s Homecoming game against Horton.

Kelso didn’t expect to meet Trevor when he arrived 15 minutes before Trevor was scheduled for another surgery, but Trevor insisted on meeting them.

Kelso said when they walked into the room, Trevor hopped out of bed to shake their hands.

“The character and strength he showed me was just amazing,” Kelso said.

After speaking with Trevor, Kelso said he has a feeling Trevor will find a way to turn his situation into a positive in the future.

“He’s got a long road ahead of him. I think he’s going to be able to take what happened to him and help other people,” Kelso said. “He’s just that kind of person and that’s why I want to help him.”

Kelso said the desire to meet Trevor and to help him has become contagious among his friends and family in Kansas City. His daughter is organizing a fundraiser at her school and Kelso plans on a fundraiser at his restaurant. He’s also blasted Trevor’s story out on his Facebook page.

“My goal is to get people to know this boy,” he said.

Kelso has also invited Trevor and McLouth Head Coach Chris Stewart to the Simone Awards ceremony this year to present the trophy. The Simone award began in 1983 and is awarded to the best high school football player. Kelso was the first recipient of the award in 1983 and currently sits on the board for the award.

Kelso said between now and the awards ceremony many things are being planned for Trevor including a seat in a suite at Arrowhead for an upcoming Chiefs game.

“We’re just trying to do anything we can to keep his head up and his spirits high,” he said.

Many others have also donated or done things to help Trevor. An anonymous winner of a raffle prize Friday night donated part of the winnings to Trevor’s fund.

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