Valley Falls continues search for administrator

by Clarke Davis

The Valley Falls City Council met in executive session for 90 minutes last Wednesday to discuss applications for the city manager position they are attempting to fill.

They will be back at it at least two or three more evenings this week.

Mayor Charles Stutesman reports that the council started out with 31 applications, but wound up with 23 who left their names in the running after knowing what the salary range was and the residency requirement.

He said six people were interviewed in person or by telephone. One person was offered the job and declined and a second person would have received an offer, but pulled out.

The council has now gone back to take a harder look at the entire stack and reassess where they are. Another seven will be interviewed this week.

“We want someone who will join us in moving this town forward,” the mayor said. “The entire council has been involved and in agreement all along the way.”

Quotes are being obtained from surveyors to determine if seven properties in the city are in fact in the flood plain as represented by the latest FEMA maps.

Being in a flood plain causes problems for landowners with financing, insurance companies, and property values. The city council voted to pay half of the cost of the survey, this one time only, and will be contacting those property owners when a surveyor has been agreed upon.

If a piece of land is found to be above the flood plain there are more costs associated with obtaining an elevation certificate and satisfying all interests. Those costs could exceed $1,000.

City administrator Terry Urban reports the city received a check from the state for $906 in alcohol tax distribution. It’s believed the payment is quarterly and is a result of Flamingo Too serving liquor-by-the-drink.

A barking dog problem between neighbors has resurfaced. Emmagene and Russ Williams told the council that dogs belonging to Kim Krogman, 500 Elm, wake them up a minimum of four times a night and they urged some kind of action to put a stop to it.

The problem existed over a year ago, but Krogman moved to a new residence. The matter was even in city court at that time, but dismissed when she moved. She then moved back, and according to Emmagene Williams, promised she would keep the dogs inside and quiet.

That agreement has been broken, Williams told the council.

“They are only 20 paces from our window,” she said. She stated they bark at 10:30, 1 o’clock, 4:30 and again before 6.

Police Chief Tammy Gross said she would warn Krogman of the problem that night after the meeting and would periodically have police officers check the area and listen for the barking dogs.

The council members weren’t that patient.

“Take her word for it and get something done about it,” Paul Burns said and Lucy Thomas was quick to agree.

They believe the dog owner can be prosecuted under the city ordinance that forbids “excessive noise.”

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