Food fight in Valley Falls gymnasium

by Clarke Davis

Eating food in the new gymnasium is the latest brouhaha at Valley Falls and was a board topic Monday night.

popcornSuperintendent Loren Feldkamp attempted to keep all food and drink out of the gym to save janitorial cleanup time, but has relented to soft drinks with lids and popcorn.

Board member Bobbie Kearney was quick to pounce.

“You’re going to cut concession sales for the PTO and that in turn will cut the money spent to improve the classrooms,” Kearney said.

She also had an earful from the community, hearing comments such as, “If I knew we were building a castle I wouldn’t have voted for it.”

Board member Sharon Sweeney likened the situation to a new car when the owner keeps it spotless for the first month or two, which opened up the policy on the old gymnasium where all food and drinks are allowed.

It appears there might be a consensus among board members that the policy will have to be the same for both gyms and that most food and drink will be allowed with the excepion of messy, sticky stuff such as cheese and chili.

A couple of extra tables were puchased for the commons area so more people will have a place to eat these items.

Members Jody Lockhart and John Shipley both thought this might be a good compromise.

Feldkamp noted that popcorn can be vacuumed or swept up easily, but cartons that have contained melted cheese and chili along with pop spills requires much more time to mop up.

It might not be a done deal. There are those who believe the doors should be opened up with few or no restrictions. It was noted the board had purchased a new floor sweeper and hired additional help. And it was noted that just policing all the doors might be too big a hassle.

But for now, messy stuff is banned.

In other business, the board approved a band trip to St. Louis, purchased a couple of filing cabinets, and appointed Kelly Gatzemeyer to the Valley Falls Recreation Commission board to replace Lisa Martin.

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